Why My Whey uses calcium extracted from red algae?

Calcium is an essential mineral in our body to maintain our bones and teeth. Each day, we should get 800-1000 milligrams of calcium per day. Because by the age of 30, the rate of calcium deposition in our bone mass is reduced. Thus taking calcium supplements can play a bone-saving role in your life. There are 2 sources from which calcium can be extract from, either animals or plants.

Calcium from animals is calcium extracted from the hard shell or hardens part of animal such as coral, animal bone or oyster shell. Which of course, it is more natural than synthetic supplements. However the quality of the extracted calcium will vary greatly, since animal grows differently and eat different food. Moreover they have higher risk with lead contamination. Thus being the reason why calcium supplement are not popular.

Calcium from plants is very popular. It is very natural because of the calcium obtained from the extraction of plants are not chemically synthesize. And the body can absorb it more efficiently than other type of calcium since the extraction process allowed the chemical structure and properties to remain the same. For example calcium extracted from seaweed.

Seaweed Calcium, calcium extracted from red algae is called ?aquamin? which comes from Icelandic water. Occurs in water spots where cold and warm water meet, causing red algae to grow. Seaweed calcium has special properties that can hold many types of mineral, especially Bio Active

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