Muscle building and losing fat, what is the difference?

Having those attractive biceps really depend on many factors including hard work at the gym and eating low fat food. Let us better our understanding of the differences between building muscle and losing fat. Even if it seems one in the same.

Losing fat occurs when the body received less energy than require. Reducing the energy source doesn?t necessary means that we have to starve, but rather pick the low energy food source such as eating salads or fruits for dinner. This greatly reduces the amount of energy the body receives per day. And to find replacement the body will seek out the stored fat in the body and turn them into energy using hormones such as Cortisol, Glucagon to break down the fat.

Muscle building occurs through stimulating activities such that causes the body to break down, the brain will send a signal to the body to synthesize more protein to repair the damage and strengthen the tissues. For this to occur, the body requires enough protein to regulate with the hormone that controls the natural growth such as Insulin, Testosterone. Together with adequate rest will stimulate the growth of the muscle.

Building muscle and losing fat is something that cannot be done simultaneously. With building muscle, the heavy exercise comes hand in hand with food with high energy and high in nutrient, where the body will remember to process these nutrients into energy for repair while a portion will be store away for use in daily activities. Fat reduction starts from controlling the dietary in order for the body to receive adequate energy source that can help translate the store fat into energy. Setting clear goal will help you understand how the body system functions and the result you wish for will come in no time.

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