Why should I exercise for 30 minutes or more?

There are variety of exercise and training regimen available. Different form and routine demand different energy used factoring by the intensity of or duration of the training. Let?s us clarify why doctors and trainers suggest why we should exercise for 30 minutes or more.

In the first 15 minutes of exercise, the body extracts carbohydrate from the sugar already prepared by the liver for normal daily activities, and will be depleted within the 15 minutes of exercising. There after the body will begin extracting energy from various accumulates fat within the body.

Therefore, to rid of those excessive fat. The exercise should last at least 30 minutes, which is a recommended period for losing weight.
It may be easy to lose confident after setting out to exercise with a goal in mind and not meeting those goal or the result is not as apparent as you may have wish. Apparentness of result is also a contribution of the metabolism and the intensity of the exercise.

For example, with light cardio activities such as fast walk, the rate of calories burn is 7cal/min.
If the intensity is increase to running, the body is expected to burn approximately 14cal/min.
From this, it is clear that the intensity of the exercise is affecting the metabolic function. Since the more intense the training is the more energy we consume.
We suggest picking a form of exercise that you like or favored. Since it is easier to continue doing something you like, it is possible to keep doing it in succession and gaining that healthy body is definitely possible.