Why it needs to be green tea from Uji Kyoto?

Let us get to know the story of green tea and the city better.

Drinking green tea is considered a tradition and culture of Japan. It all began during the Kamakura era when monks from the Zen sect travelled to china and brought the teaching of Buddha to Japan. During the time, they have learned of the property of tea which promotes one health. Thus tea was brought in for agriculture starting in Uji city. Since the river runs through the city and during winter, the fog will set providing humidity suitable for growing tea. The tradition has been carried until today and made Uji city renowned for growing high quality tea.

My Whey selects only the best tea leaf from organic tea farm. Machine-pick tea leaf causes the tea to lose its natural flavor that?s why we only use hand pick in order to maintain the quality of the tea leaf. Even if it takes 8 hour to collect only 20 kilogram a day.

In order to get quality tea leaf to main green tea powder. It all starts from the plantation process where the tea field is covered. The idea is to slowly and gradually decrease the amount of sunlight, and hence photosynthesis, by covering up more and more of the light allowed toshine on the plant, which produce higher grade matcha tea.

The name Match tea derived from tea leaf that has been grinded to powder. These powders have become valuable ingredient for food and confectionary and of course for drinking, specifically in Japanese tea ceremony.

Green tea also has antioxidant oxidant properties which slow the deterioration of cell and aging. As well as reducing the chance of cancer occurring

My Whey, not only just protein, but a selection of available premium ingredient proven to be beneficial maintaining good health and great body.