How to exercise and strengthen the bone?

It is a common mistake to believe that our bones are there to carry the body mass or to store the calcium. In fact bones are another form of tissue that can be strengthens by stimulating the calcium absorption from the daily intake. Therefore exercises can help improve the bones density and health.

Exercise such as running, aerobic, tennis, badminton, basketball or other form of exercises that involve constant movement while bearing the full weight of the body is called weight-bearing. These types of exercise is a force stimulant causing the bone mass to strengthen in order to compensate against the incoming force of impact. To prevent osteoporosis. These exercises should be done at least 30 minutes per day, 5-7 times a week.

Muscle-strengthening exercise can also build bone mass. Muscle building stimulates the bone indirectly through the ligament attaching the muscle group and the bone. The force is transfer from the ligament into the bone, forcing the bone to strengthen.

As you can see, exercising regularly is crucial to creating healthy bones and muscles.

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