What are the benefit in exercising in the morning

A lot of people prefer to do their exercise in the morning (between 06:00-09:00) because of the great atmosphere and rarely have conflicts to cancel your exercise. Let?s look at the benefit of morning exercise.

Morning exercise improves heart rate, studies have also shown that it really helps burn those energy during the day.

Moreover, it?s more energizing and rejuvenating. Morning exercises have an after effect of rejuvenation that last for hours into the day due to the body and hormone stimulation. But over exertion or lack of sleep can have negative affect that will leave you more tired. So the intensity of morning exercise consider as well.

Morning air are a lot fresher and less polluted, the body needs all the oxygen it can get to carry out any exercise and after. Fresher air is always better than polluted air.

The prior warm is also crucial and is strongly recommended. The first few 1-3 hours after waking up, our body is more or less in the state of hibernation with low body temperature and blood circulation is slow. Therefore a warm up will get those bloods pumping.

So tomorrow or the weekend, try doing some morning exercise and see the difference.
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