When to have My Whey?

The best time to consume Whey protein is when waking up, after exercise or when hungry. The reason being is between these times, the body has low level of amino acid in which the body can optimally and quickly absorb Whey protein. This helps the various bodily systems to function efficiently

Waking up

After a long period of rest, the body lack adequate nutrient nourishment which causes the muscle tissues to breakdown during this period. Therefore, by taking Whey Protein during the waking will lessen the muscle breakdown. This is due to the properties of Whey Protein that can be easily absorb at a much faster rate than taking the average meal. Nonetheless, having regular meal is still needed.

After Exercise

Dietician suggested that the best moment to take whey protein is within 30 minutes after exercise. The body starts to recuperate during this time and by taking in whey protein, it will provide the necessary nutrient for the regeneration process. The meal afterward is also an important aspect the regenerative process.

When Hungry

The fact that we are hungry just means that our stomach is empty resulting in hunger or, worse, stomach pain. Consuming whey Protein with fruits or in mix smoothie is great in soothing the hunger and restore the lost protein. Another important fact is, when we are hungry or lack in nourishment. Our body will respond by reducing energy consumption, mainly losing muscle mass. This is because the body views fat as a reservoir of energy, whereas the muscles consume energy. This is why fasting to lose weight also decrease muscle mass as well.

Before Bed

This is also a critical period as well, for the body is about to enter restoration mode which occur during our sleep. The body will require the necessary protein to repair the damage tissue. Thus taking whey protein before sleeping is a good thing, since it will provide the necessary protein for the restoration process during sleep as well as lessen muscle pain from heavy exercise when waking up.

The idea of taking whey protein is to replace the loss protein used in day to day activities. Normally the amount of protein an individual consume is 1g for every kg. Therefore, the protein intake in each meal should be proportionate to the need and taking whey protein daily can ensure there is adequate protein in our body for repairing and building muscle.